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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 18:09

Avatar Tweets Tooltip – Plugin

Compatibility : Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.x

If you have a news website, it might be interesting for you to allow your users to see the latests tweets about a topic. Here is a Joomla plugin help you do it. For this plugin we are using the jQuery Twitter Search Plugin.


  • Show the latest tweets about a certain word or phrase
  • Resize popup windows
  • Customize color of popup (Color Exterior/Color Interior)
  • Show/hide twitter left top icon, avatar, copyright
  • Set timeout, pause, anchors.

Free Version Limited Features

  • Only show the latest tweets about a certain word or phrase with copyright
  • Customize popup windows is disable.


Insert this syntax to your joomla’s articles.

{avatartweetstooltipterm=$a certain word or phrase$ options=…./}

Example :

{avatartweetstooltip term=$NewYork$ icon=1 avatar=true bird=false/}

{avatartweetstooltip term=$Euro 2012$ icon=3 bird=true timeout=3000 pause=false/}

Options :

  • term=$……..$
  • icon =1/2/3
  • avatar =true/false
  • anchors=true/false
  • colorExterior=#ffffff (Hex color)
  • colorInterior=#111111(Hex color)
  • pause=true/false
  • timeout=3000 (milisecond)

Enjoy it !