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Must Extension For Joomla Admin

must have joomla extension

As a admin of Joomla site, i recommended you this joomla plugin. It will save a lot of time for you when managing Joomla with Ajax search functions. Managing Joomla easier than ever.

Avatar Tool

  1. You could find and edit your site very quickly with search functions.
  2. Quick search and edit content, module, menus, templates at everywhere without refresh page.
  3. Speed performance by compress CSS & Javascript.
  4. Auto general meta keywords and descriptions for com_content, it helpful for SEO content.
  5. Auto find and replace H1 if it does not exists with the first other heading tag, basic step in SEO Joomla content.
  6. Auto find and add nofollow & blank target for out links, it helpful for SEO ranking.
  7. Adding canonical links in header for com_content.
  8. Auto redirect to canonical domain to prevent duplicate content.
  9. Easy to edit sitename and home page title.
  10. Easy to change global meta keywords and descriptions.


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