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Facebook Gallery for Joomla - Avatar Faceswipe

Compatibility : Joomla 2.5

You want to get the images from your Facebook account and present on your joomla site ? But you don't know how. This is a joomla extension allows you to do it.


  • Select images from all albums on your facebook account to create a slideshow on your site
  • Add facebook comment and like box
  • 3 ways to view your slideshow in fullscreen mode
  • Show your slide in article with plugin syntax {faceswipe album_id=x/}
  • Show your slide with module
  • New effect Kenburn , Swipe


How to setup :

  • Download and install the component, plugin and module packages
  • Get Facebook API
  • Create your first album
  • Using plugin syntax
  • Using with module

Get Facebook API

- For who want test in localhost, you can use the Facebook API that i already set in configuration page
- For your live site , follow the below steps to :
- Go to Facebook Developer , click on Apps

- Click on Create New App on top-left corner, input your display name and Namespace that you want. Remember confirm I agree and Continue

- Now we are at the Basic page, remember your App’s API and Secret
- Insert into App Domain your domain of live site. (Ex: i host my demos in joomavatar/demos/j16, so i only type joomavatar)
- Click on Website and input the joomla’s root

- Click Save Changes

Ok , now get back to your site in admin: FaceSwipe, click on Options button and input your new API and Secret

Create your first album

- On Faceswipe – Album Manager -> New
- Click on Login Facebook button
- Click on Load Album
- Select your album and add the images to slide
- Try with comment/like box and Fullscreen layout settings
- Save
We had a new album with Id = 1

Using plugin syntax

- Go to plugin manager and active the Facesipe plugins
- Go to front page, edit a article, insert this syntax {faceswipe album_id=1/}
- Save

Using with module

- Very simple, go to module manager , open the Faceswipe module. select the position and album that you want and save